Summary - A calling for vocational training

Insiders on the responsiveness of Dutch senior secondary vocational education

Original title: Beroep op het mbo

The report ‘A calling for vocational training’ (Beroep op het mbo) presents the views of teachers, managers, intermediaries and students on the responsiveness of Dutch senior secondary vocational education (MBO). By ‘responsiveness’ we understand the degree to which MBO is able to respond adequately to changes in the labour market and to equip students for a good start and sustainable employability on the labour market.

Against the backdrop of a radically changing middle segment of the labour market, the Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP) investigated how stakeholders in senior secondary vocational education assess the opportunities for students. MBO is after all a form of education which is geared specifically towards that middle segment.
Which skills do MBO students need to ensure they get off to a good start on the labour market, and which do they need for their further careers? Are those skills the same for all sectors and all levels of vocational education and training? What steps are taken to ensure that programmes are topical and innovative? In short, is senior secondary vocational education able to respond flexibly to changing requirements?