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  1. Summary Seeing, listening and providing support

    Publication | 13-06-2024

  2. Summary Focus on the quality of society | Social and Cultural Developments 2024

    Publication | 27-03-2024

  3. Does the political system represent everyone?

    A study of perceived representation, trust in institutions and political participation among people with a migration background.

    Publication | 25-01-2024

  4. Summary Contemporary inequality

    The post-industrial class structure based on four types of capital - Disparities in the Netherlands 2023.

    Publication | 07-03-2023

  5. Key figures on young carers in the Netherlands (aged 16 through 24)

    Factsheet | 01-06-2022

  6. Policy Brief A question of implementation

    Publication | 08-09-2021

  7. Life’s a Juggle: the All-Round Worker

    Resources for, and hindrances to, workers who are caring for loved ones and others – and taking training

    Publication | 22-04-2021

  8. Robotics and the quality of work

    A knowledge synthesis

    Publication | 25-02-2021

  9. The platform economy and quality of work

    A knowledge synthesis

    Factsheet | 04-02-2021

  10. Summary - Promising policies for integration on the labour market

    Publication | 15-10-2020