Summary - Being yourself in the nursing home

Intimacy, sexuality and diversity among residents of nursing and care homes

Original title: Jezelf zijn in het verpleeghuis

There is often a tendency to be dismissive about the idea of intimacy and sexuality in older people. Little is known about the needs and views of older people themselves. At the same time, there is growing political and public attention for older people and for this theme. SCP is therefore publishing a policy report on Valentine’s Day which looks at intimacy, sexuality and diversity among older residents of institutions. Drawing on data collected for the 2015 edition of the study ‘Older people in institutions’ (Ouderen in instellingen 2015), we describe intimacy and sexuality among older people. We examine the needs of older people for romantic or sexual contact, the relationship between those needs and broad quality of life, their views on diversity and homosexuality and the position of lesbian, gay and bisexual residents of nursing and care homes.