Summary - Just like home

Residential initiatives set up by parents for their children with disabilities

Original title: "Net als thuis"

Parents of children with disabilities (mental, psychological or multiple) sometimes set up living arrangements themselves in which their children are able to live in a group situation with care and support, often as an alternative to a place in a care institution. They buy in the care and support collectively, generally through personal budgets.

In this qualitative study, we look at who the parents are behind these ‘parent initiatives’, why they have taken that initiative, and the people living in the residential initiatives. What is it like for the parents to run a parents’ initiative themselves? What factors contribute to the successes and what bottlenecks have they encountered? We also look at how the parents see the future, the dilemmas that they have to face and the ways in which current and future bottlenecks could be tackled.

We have described all this from the parents’ perspective, but there is also input from professionals who have given advice to parent initiatives about their setup and management, and from a few care providers.