Time use in the Netherlands - Edition 2

Edition 2

Original titel: Een week in kaart - editie 2

Modified version of the publication ‘Time use in the Netherlands’

The publication called Time use in the Netherlands dating from 2017 has been modified a little. Thanks to the adaptations to the publication, it now fits in better with the survey of time use called The art of juggling, which appeared at the end of 2018. These are alterations for example to the breakdown of activities that people spend their time on and the breakdown into different phases of life (family statuses). The figures are therefore slightly different from the previous version; the conclusions and insights have not been changed.

About the publication

Time use in the Netherlands focuses on the Time Use Survey of 2016, in which almost 1900 Dutch people kept track of their activities in a diary for one week. Based on that data, the researchers created a picture of how the Dutch spend their time in general, looking at various groups and phases of family life as well as at developments over the last decade. Time use in the Netherlands is a digital publication (‘card stack’), consisting of a number of standalone pages or ‘cards’, each of which describes an aspect of how we use our time.