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  1. Ageing well in a changing society

    A plea for meaning and creativity

    Essay | 11-06-2020

  2. Summary – The Netherlands - the land of paperwork

    Syrian permit holders and their experiences with participation policy in the Netherlands

    Publication | 09-04-2020

  3. Informal carers in focus

    Policy report on informal care in the Netherlands

    Publication | 14-01-2020

  4. Summary - Trends in Media:Time

    In the study Trends in Media:Time, SCP presents the results of research into time spent on media activities. This digital ...

    Publication | 19-12-2019

  5. Summary - Foresight study of informal care for elderly people in 2040

    A regional foresight study for the next 20 years

    Publication | 08-11-2019

  6. Summary - Growth opportunities for sport?

    An explanatory model of sports participation

    Publication | 18-09-2019

  7. Summary - Social State of the Netherlands

    The central theme addressed in the ‘Social State of the Netherlands’ (SSN) report series is the quality of life of the Dutch. ...

    Publication | 10-09-2019

  8. Summary - A home without gas?

    Homeowners and their views on sustainable alternatives

    Publication | 05-09-2019

  9. Summary - Poverty Survey 2019

    Poverty Survey 2019 is the third edition of the SCP series on poverty to be released in the form of a digital publication. Each ...

    Publication | 03-09-2019

  10. Time use in the Netherlands - Edition 2

    Edition 2

    Publication | 24-07-2019