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Thinking of the Netherlands

Social and Cultural Report 2019 public magazine

Publication | 26-06-2019

Summary - Limits to lifelong learning

Lifelong learning is seen as a key means of enabling workers to maintain their employability. In a world of globalisation, ...

Publication | 22-05-2019

Summary - Starting over

This report provides more insight into the early integration of Syrians in the Netherlands. It focuses on six topics: family ...

Publication | 16-05-2019

Summary - Caring for older people living at home

Review of care for independent community-dwelling over-75s: problems and future development

Publication | 17-04-2019

Summary - You snooze, you lose ...

Attrition of woman and men in management positions

Publication | 11-03-2019

Summary - Paid work and informal care

Many working people in the Netherlands also provide help to a sick household member, a relative or a friend, also called informal ...

Publication | 13-02-2019

Summary - Christians in the Netherlands

Church participation and Christian belief

Publication | 19-12-2018

Summary - Our money

Women and men on the importance of income and economic independence for women

Publication | 18-12-2018

Summary - Emancipation Monitor 2018

The Emancipation Monitor 2018, published jointly by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the Netherlands Institute for Social ...

Publication | 14-12-2018

Summary - Report on sport 2018

The Report on sport 2018 (Rapportage sport 2018) is the sixth edition in a series which began in 2003 and in which researchers ...

Publication | 12-12-2018