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  1. An international comparison of care for people with intellectual disabilities

    An exploration

    Publication | 06-07-2018

  2. Summary - Temporary employment

    Effects of economic downturn and long term sick leave

    Publication | 30-06-2018

  3. Summary - Changing care and support for people with disabilities

    National evaluation of long-term care reforms in the Netherlands

    Publication | 27-06-2018

  4. Summary - Vulnerable and lonely?

    Risk and protective factors in an ageing society

    Publication | 15-06-2018

  5. Summary - Syrians in the Netherlands

    A study of the first years of their lives in the Netherlands

    Publication | 01-06-2018

  6. Opinions on sexual and gender diversity in the Netherlands and Europe

    Brief outline of the current situation and trends over time

    Publication | 17-05-2018

  7. Summary - Public preferences

    A methodological and substantive exploration of preferences for public services

    Publication | 26-04-2018

  8. Summary - Building a future in the Netherlands

    The life situation of Polish migrants who registered in the Netherlands after 2004

    Publication | 24-04-2018

  9. Summary - Just like home

    Residential initiatives set up by parents for their children with disabilities

    Publication | 17-04-2018

  10. Summary - When a job isn't enough

    Research into the working poor in five European countries and twenty Dutch municipalities

    Publication | 10-03-2018