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  1. Summary - Social support: choices of clients and local policy

    What choices do people with a physical disability make regarding their support

    Publication | 08-03-2018

  2. Summary - Being yourself in the nursing home

    Intimacy, sexuality and diversity among residents of nursing and care homes

    Publication | 14-02-2018

  3. Summary - The Social Support Act 2015 in practice

    Local implementation of the Dutch Social Support Act (Wmo)

    Publication | 31-01-2018

  4. SSummary - starting out

    Young women and men on the labour market

    Publication | 22-01-2018

  5. Summary - Reading: Time

    Reading in the Netherlands

    Publication | 18-01-2018

  6. Summary - Tricky issues

    Eight focus groups on representation and voting

    Publication | 06-01-2018

  7. Summary - There for each other?

    Unpaid help in 2016: a review

    Publication | 19-12-2017

  8. Social state of the Netherlands 2017 (Summary and Publication)

    In The social state of the Netherlands (SSN) report series, which has been published since 2001, the Netherlands Institute for ...

    Publication | 12-12-2017

  9. An evaluation of the Social Support Act 2015

    Experiences of applicants, informal carers and assessment officers

    Publication | 25-10-2017

  10. Happy in a nursing home?

    Perceived quality of life and care of older residents of nursing and care homes

    Publication | 22-09-2017