Methodology department

The Methodology department contributes to the quality of SCP research in several ways. The department advises on and supports the quality assurance of SCP research, acquisition and documentation of research data and data analysis. In carrying out its research, SCP draws on survey data, as well as on data registers and qualitative data.

Staff of the Methodology department

  • Joost Kappelhof, head of department
  • Jan Dirk VlasblomĀ 
  • Jannine van de Maat
  • Jurjen Iedema
  • Leen Sterckx
  • Manon Goddijn
  • Maria Luce Sijpenhof
  • Marian de Voogd-Hamelink
  • Paulette Flore
  • Sanne de Vries
  • Suzanne Roggeveen

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