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  1. Summary - Older persons in nursing and care homes

    National summary of their life situation in 2015/16

    Publication | 14-09-2017

  2. Summary - Sport Foresight Study

    A more active Netherlands

    Publication | 12-09-2017

  3. Summary - The Dutch and the News

    Use of news media via old and new channels

    Publication | 22-07-2017

  4. Summary - Growing older in the Netherlands

    This magazine highlights the relationship between older people and their residential environment

    Publication | 23-06-2017

  5. Summary - Equal shares?

    The distribution of work and care among same-sex couples

    Publication | 13-06-2017

  6. Summary - A calling for vocational training

    Insiders on the responsiveness of Dutch senior secondary vocational education

    Publication | 09-06-2017

  7. Summary - Pursued by fear

    A quantitative comparison of fear of victimisation and general feelings of unsafety

    Publication | 23-03-2017

  8. Summary - The market for domiciliary care

    Municipal procurement policy and public use of services provided under the Dutch Social Support Act 2007

    Publication | 24-02-2017

  9. Summary - Provisions distributed

    Citizens ‘profit’ from the government when they receive income support because they are unable to generate an income themselves. ...

    Publication | 23-02-2017

  10. Summary - From East to West

    Polish, Bulgarian and Romanian children in the Netherlands: parents on the social situation of their children

    Publication | 13-02-2017