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  1. Summary - Independent for longer

    The Dutch government's reform of long-term care is intended to reinforce the trend whereby older persons continue to live ...

    Publication | 10-02-2017

  2. First steps on the labour market

    Women in the Netherlands have been outperforming men in education for many years now. However, this superior educational ...

    Publication | 10-02-2017

  3. Summary - Time use in the Netherlands

    Card stack

    Publication | 26-01-2017

  4. Summary - Social inequality in the conditions for and consequences of informal help

    In her lecture, she examines the extent of social inequality in the provision of informal help. She discusses differences between ...

    Publication | 26-01-2017

  5. Trust, life satisfaction and opinions on immigration in 15 European countries

    Europa is going through an eventful period. The economic crisis, large migration flows and terrorist attacks are cross-border ...

    Publication | 18-01-2017

  6. Summary - Limits to Unity

    Perceptions and appreciation of diversity and inclusiveness by Defence personnel

    Publication | 13-01-2017

  7. Summary - Flight with little baggage

    The life situation of Dutch Somalis

    Publication | 12-01-2017

  8. Media:Time card stack

      Wide differences in media use in the Dutch population

    Publication | 20-12-2016

  9. Summary - Integration in sight?

    A review of eight domains of integration of migrants in the Netherlands

    Publication | 15-12-2016

  10. Emancipation Monitor 2016

    Original title: Emancipatiemonitor 2016 For many years, women’s lower education level appeared to offer a logical explanation for ...

    Publication | 13-12-2016